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New York - Woman Owned (WBE) Certified Company

3 - in - 1 Active & Flexible Seating (PreK - Teen)

No-tip Active Seat - Desk - Stool - all in one! Create flexible spaces based on needs. Indoor & outdoor flexible learning.

Patented & Award Winning Design

Modular and versatile design inspires the body to move naturally for improved focus and attention. Stackable and easy to clean. Tucks neatly under desks and tables. Sizes are almost identical to the regular stackable chairs.


"Kids are Happy & Engaged

Since incorporating the Vidget in our classroom, I have noticed an improvement in attention span, participation, and regulation in my students. They are happy and engaging in classroom routines and activities. The Vidget's bright colors make it fun and attractive to use, and the kids love the versatility of the seat.

Tara, PreK Teacher & OT

Every Kindergarten Class Should Have Them!

After a week of using the Vidget the student was writing using 1-2 sentences and is now sitting down for extended periods of time to write 5-6 sentence paragraphs! The student often sits to write of her own accord now. I'm so grateful to have the Vidgets to give her the sensory input she needs so that the output matches her ability level. Vidgets are an amazing seating option for early education students!

Mrs. Pepper, Kindergarten Teacher

Students & 5th Grade Teacher love it!

In my classroom, students have independently used the Vidget chair as a desk during math centers when they are working on the floor. They love the bucket seat and claim that it makes them feel more comfortable than sitting on the metal chairs we have. My class LOVES this chair and I honestly wish I had a lot more of them. My students far prefer this seating option to the traditional metal chairs.

Janine, 5th Grade Teacher

How are Vidgets different than other active flexible seating?

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Inspire. Play. Learn.

Create active & flexible spaces that help children engage in the learning process by meeting personalized needs.

Fun Colors

PreK - High School